Office of Fellowship Advising

The NTC Office of Fellowship Advising (OFA) is the hub for information about nationally competitive merit-based scholarships and fellowships.

We take inspiration to serve our community from Latin words long associated with Tulane — Docere, Illuminare, Ducere, and updated them to meet our context within NTC:

— Inform, Empower, Accompany.



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Mission and values of the OFA

  • We serve to inform the Tulane community that scholarship and fellowship opportunities exist for every demographic, and everyone is welcome to engage with us to explore pathways to enhance and reach their goals.
  • We empower students who undertake the application process to use it to self-reflect, hone communication skills, and build conduits to their future selves, regardless of competition outcomes.
  • The OFA provides students with growth-focused direction and assistance. We accompany and build rapport to better envision new outcomes and to open paths for reaching them.


The OFA: your allies for pursuing your academic, professional, and personal goals.


Study Opportunities

Are you interested in preparing for Fulbright, Peace Corps, Education, Study Abroad?

Consider signing up for Fall 2023 courses EAPP 3510 Teaching & Working Abroad or EAPP 3520 Living & Working Abroad. Contact Sarah Spromberg ( or John Depriest ( for further details.

Are you interested in teaching ESL as part of your Fulbright, Peace Corps, Education or Study Abroad experience?

Fall 2023 courses have been added: EDUC-3220-13 Linguistics for ELL; EDUC-3230-15 Intercultural Comm/Lang; EDUC-3891-01 & EDUC-3892-01 Service Learning. Contact Bridget Smith ( for details.


Scholarship Opportunities for Public Health Fulbright Alums

Tulane SPHTM is proud to offer a $50,000 scholarship to Fulbright alumni enrolled full-time in a master’s program.


Thirteen Tulane students have been named Fulbright U.S. Student Program grant recipients for 2023-2024.



of Tulane’s 2021 Fulbright applicants were named Semi-Finalists by the Fulbright US Student Program’s National Screening Committee


Tulane students and alumni won nationally competitive scholarships in 2020-2021


Tulane applicants secured competitive awards approximately valued at over $850,000 to fund graduate study at home and abroad, and intensive language acquisition and international English teaching opportunities in 2021-2022